Are you confused about all the conflicting health and nutritional information out there?
Do you struggle with making healthy happen in this fast paced world?
Are you frustrated because you can’t create healthy habits that last?

As a holistic health coach, I understand how easily it is for our bodies to fall out of their natural ways. With poor nutrition, lack of sleep, no exercising, we put a lot of additional stress on our bodies and expect it to perform at its highest peak every day. Our bodies can only go on like this for so long before you start to see and feel symptoms that something isn’t working right. There are ways to help get our body back into its wholesome state again. But it takes someone who understands how food and lifestyle plays a crucial role in the health and healing of individual bodies.

That’s where I come in.

I would be “your person” someone who you could trust. I would educate and guide you on your path to health and wellness. We would work together to create a completely customized plan with specific tools that are tailored just for your body and lifestyle needs. We’ll start by identifying which dietary changes will serve you best, and create simple action steps that you can implement on a daily basis. You’ll not only start to see changes physically but also emotionally in other areas of your life. Along the way, you’ll shed a few pounds and finally figure out how to get your energy back so you can live the life you’ve been craving. Lets get you started with a free 30 minute wellness break through session that’s dedicated completely to you via Skype, phone, or in person.

Can I get a KALE YEAH!!!?

Work With Me

Clean Eating

Re-learn the basics of heathy eating so you have a solid foundation on which to build your healthy future.

Private Coaching

Want to go deeper, have accountability, someone who truly listens to you and creates a program just for you?

Spring Detox

Ready to clean out the clutter from winter time? Get ready to reset and renew with my new spring detox!


  • Boaz

    Christina’s 30 day challenges ROCK and gently push you out of your comfort zones without even knowing it.

  • Kathy

    I had a 40th anniversary coming up and wanted to drop some weight. Christina helped me to create simple, but delicious meals that got me out of my old rut with food. Good bye 20 pounds and I feel amazing!!! She also taught me to listen to my body,use REAL wholesome food and let go...

  • Gail

    Admittedly, I am a carb addict. I start my day with a bagel and coffee so when I decided to do detox I knew it would be tough to give up. Surprisingly so, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be PLUS I even lost 5 pounds!!! I’m even looking forward to the...

  • Marionette

    I lost 4 pounds!!! I feel GREAT. You are right, it isn’t about the numbers and I finally get that. It’s about eating healthy, taking time for myself, and exercising regularly for a strong body. Still, 4 feels pretty good! I have to be honest you’ve really opened a door for me.


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I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!
Have a happy day!


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